If aluminium is so great, why are so many boats made out of fibreglass?

Fibreglass is inexpensive and construction of fibreglass boats does not necessarily require a highly trained craftsman to build with it. as they are built from moulds. Fibreglass material is simply saturated with epoxies either sprayed or laid within the mould and left to dry. A "high quality" fibreglass boat simply uses more fibreglass to make [...]

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What makes aluminium the ideal boat building material?

As a boat material, aluminium excels in every important category… Weight: An all-welded aluminium boat weighs 1/2 to 2/3 the weight of a well "laid-up" fibreglass boat. Performance: Less weight means greater performance, better fuel efficiency and easier trailering. Durability: You can do things with a quality aluminium boat that you would never dream of [...]

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Being Made of metal do aluminium boats need more horsepower?

With aluminium being a lot lighter than traditional materials, you need less than half the horsepower needed to equal the performance of a traditionally built boat of equal size, this has two benefits, firstly you use less fuel, and secondly your engine will cost you a great deal less to purchase.